WATCH: Electric Guest Release Video For ‘Back For Me’

Here on TNP, one of the personal favourites is a little two-piece flying under the banner of Electric Guest

We’ve never had the chance to do a write up on this pair before, but, now we’ll take the chance to introduce you and show you the new video.

Releasing their debut LP in 2012, Mondo, you may remember a leading track, This Head I Holdfrom an IKEA ad at the time. The band then went on a five year hiatus, reportedly recording an entire sequel and then binning it because they weren’t happy with how it turned out.

In February this year they released the second-try follow up album, Plural, to critical acclaim and have since completed a short North American tour.

One of the tracks from the album, Back For Me, was treated to an accompanying video yesterday and it’s a little cheap.

Lead singer Asa Taccone is seen dancing and swirling in a forested area cutting to a party strip club setting where money flies from corner to corner. Although, the song does appear as a post break up song. So, it could be argued that it’s Taccone’s life after this break up and it’s spent in places for ‘the lads’ when he’d really rather be somewhere else.

Either way, it’s still a great listen.


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