WATCH: Dan Auerbach’s Sparkling New Single; Shine On Me

If you’ve been following The New Pollution for the last number of weeks, you might start to think that it’s a Dan Auerbach appreciation society. Well, in some ways it is, but we try to keep things diverse.

Nevertheless, today is the day. Auerbach released the first single from his upcoming album today, Waiting On A Song, and it doesn’t disappoint.

In the run up to the release, The New Pollution tried to predict details of the album and we got some right and some wrong.

Firstly, we were VERY wrong on the dates. We had previously theorised that the album would be released today in a Kanye-style ‘drop all at once’. Instead we got a single, Shine On Me. 

The first single from Waiting On A Song is in no way what we expected. Going from the promotional video previously released for the album (watch below), we were expecting a strictly rootsy/bluesy/bluegrassy album in which Auerbach and old school Nashville musicians explore the spark that lit his fuse all those years ago.

Instead we get a middle of the road Pop tune. This is not to take away from the track as it is a great starter to the album. The track is a catchy little number with assistance on guitar from legend Mark Knopfler. Aided by an extremely quirky video, the song seems to be written about Auerbach’s new found prosperity as a musician following the difficult period he had after his divorce from Stephanie Gonis in 2013.

Since then, Auerbach has founded his own record label, studio and gotten back on the solo wagon and this upbeat choppy 3 minute single is a rejoicing chant.

Some more details are now clear on the full album itself. The album title will follow the opening track, Waiting On A Song, and will be available from June 2nd via Easy Eye Sound.

You can pre-order the album via Easy Eye Sound’s website.


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