Dan Auerbach Teases Upcoming Album Cover & Possible Collaboration With Jake Bugg

In late 2016, Dan Auerbach revealed to Rolling Stone Magazine that he would be releasing a second solo album in Spring 2017. The Black Keys frontman and guitarist described the record as “a whole history of everything I love about music.” 

The record follows on from 2009’s Keep It Hid and Auerbach has said that the album tells the story of his adopted hometown, Nashville, TN.

Although the we have very little on any tracks and no album title yet, Auerbach’s social media activity has been unusually active recently.

On March 12th, the rootsy bluesman shared a caricature of his green Ford van which was uncaptioned.


8 days later, he posted on Facebook and Twitter with the title of a track from the upcoming LP, ‘Waiting On A Song’. It can be speculated that this will be Auerbach’s lead single from the new album as just 2 hours ago, another image appeared on Auerbach’s social media. It’s not clear what the image represents, but an orange bobble-head tiger (think of Dan’s ginger hair) sitting on top of a radio alarm clock could be interpreted as though he is ‘waiting on a song’. A possible release date for this track could be the 30th of March as the time displayed on the alarm clock is 3:30 pm. Allowing for American dates, this translates to 30/3/2017.

DA 2


DA 3

Auerbach has worked with many of Nashville’s founding musicians on this piece such as 78 year old guitar master Duane Eddy, Dave Roe (who was Johnny Cash’s bassist for 22 years) and Elvis Presley’s pianist and drummer, Gene Chrisman and Bobby Wood. The album was written by Auerbach over the course of the Summer 2016, with John Prine and David Ferguson, and recorded at Auerbach’s Easy Eye studio in Nashville.

However, it wasn’t just ‘Nashville’s only’. Mark Knopfler also contributed to the album via e-mail by recording guitar parts in England and sending them on to the U.S. But interestingly, there could also be an appearance from Jake Bugg.

The singer/songwriter is known for his country/southern rootsy style and Bugg recently posted a picture on Instagram of him hanging out in in Easy Eye Studios with Dan Auerbach pictured in the image.




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