Video Review: Sylvan Esso-Die Young

Stephen Keogh

In February, North Carolina pop duo, Sylvan Esso, released a music video to accompany their single, ‘Die Young’. Following the success of their self-titled debut album in 2014, the duo announced the release of a follow up album, What Now.

Coinciding with the announcement, the pair also released a video for the single, ‘Die Young’. The video features Sylvan Esso’s Nick Sanborn dressed as a policeman harassing what can only be described as the most pale and nutritionally depraved kid to ever walk the Earth. Anyway, eventually singer Amelia Meath shows up, steals the cop’s car and takes it for a joy ride.

According to a press release by Sylvan Esso, the new record is “both political and personal, and blurs the line between the two — What Now describes the inevitable low that comes after every high, fulfillment tempered by the knowledge that there is no clearly defined conclusion.”

And when you break down ‘Die Young’ you can see this fusion of personal and political inspiration. The low tick chorus rings out “I was gonna die young/Now I gotta wait for you, hun.” 

screen-shot-2016-08-15-at-8-29-24-am-850x560Unfortunately, there are issues with the video. There is an uncomfortable lack of direction in the video. The song is essentially a love song. Meath is describing the feeling of a self destructive personality giving way to the arrival of a love which usurps her mind. A new perspective of her personality is born with the luxury of being able to confide in someone. However, the video does not convey this message at all.

The video casts a story of a policeman having his car stolen, a girl drives out to a Californian desert and then runs around a bit in the sand singing with a few pop video cliches thrown in.

The song itself is not necessarily bad and particularly the tune and melody of the track is well orchestrated and written, but the video misrepresents the songs lyrics and frankly is a very derivative pop video.

What Now is out April 28th under Loma Vista Recordings. You can pre-order now here.




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