Album Review-SYD – Fin

If you’re a fan of The Internet, you may be familiar with ‘Syd Tha Kid’. Born Sydney Bennett, Syd is the embodiment of a jack of all trades. As a singer-songwriter, DJ, audio engineer and producer, she cracks a championing whip of neo-soul, R’n’B and old school Hip-Hop and sounds more comfortable than ever before on her debut solo record, Fin under Columbia Records.

Fin is packed with provocative ear candy. Opener ‘Shake ‘Em Off’s percussion is delivered by what sounds like a cleverly edited series of thumps layered with a purring organ, it’s placidness is interrupted by a smooth bass and synth mixture which ushers in the groove, dragging the neck into a perpetual nod. It’s clear from the lyrics that Syd is targeting critics, “Don’t worry ‘bout what I am doin’, what’s it to you” is a clear statement to those who are sceptical toward her solo work.

Know’ cranks things up, corralled together with a lasso of soft, beautiful vocals it discusses the moral quandary of keeping a fling secret. On ‘Nothin’ to Somethin’ a theme becomes apparent, Syd is proclaiming her manifesto. Fin is self-prophesising, Syd winds her lyrics around a burning ambition to go further, do bigger, go beyond. This theme is no more obvious than when she professes “I keep pushing this product ‘til there’s nothin’ on the shelf”.

Syd delves into romance on ‘All About Me’, looking at it sarcastically and second guessing her own choices, another emerging theme of the album. ‘Got Her Own’ is about the aftermath of a broken relationship. It’s an envious look at an ex-lover’s life from their point of view “I know you seen her in the magazines”.


On short interlude ‘Drown in It’ Syd is proudly nasty when she promises to “Swim in it. Dive in it. Drown in it. Hide in it, babe.” a return to the unapologetic gluttony of ‘Nothin’ to Somethin’. ‘Body’ is a straight-up sex song which Syd describes as “The baby-making anthem of 2017.” On ‘Dollar Bills’ Syd explicitly describes what she looks for in a sexual partner, assisted by Steve Lacey, she goes through the motions of your typical Saturday night pick up. ‘Insecurities’ tells the story of wanting to leave a lover but being unable due to worrying about her own independent struggles.

Fans of Syd’s previous work will go wild for Fin, for anyone unfamiliar with her work it’s a good jumping on point.


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