Video: The Besnard Lakes-The Divine Wind

This week Canadian rock group, The Besnard Lakes, released a solemn yet beautiful single, The Divine Wind. Following on from 2015’s Golden Lion EP, the news single, and its accompanying video, sets a trans-like aesthetic.


Looking out of the window into a dreary and wet Friday in Dublin, the Montreal six piece’s new music video easily transports you to somewhere of delight. Somewhere of harmonious tranquillity.

The video attached to The Divine Wind is a rather abstract one. The visual effects placed over the footage would almost remind the viewer of CCTV footage from an early 2000’s episode of Road Wars due to it’s VHS touch. Along with this, the use of polaroid and negative colours sets an almost melancholic aspect to the tracks personality.

It’s interesting to see how the track, one of euphoric psychedelia, and the video, delivering a sombre visual, mix to create a bittersweet combination.

Stephen Keogh


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