Future Islands New Single: Ran

Stephen Keogh

It’s been two years since Future Islands released their last single, The Chase. However, the group have come marching back into the spotlight with a gleaming new single titled, Ran. Coinciding with this, they’ve also announced the release of a new album, The Far Field, due out on April 17th of this year.

Countless bands have struggled with the pressure of following up a successful album, such as 2014’s Singles. Some go down the road of reinventing the wheel and some try to survive by carrying on the same path. A lot of the time with the latter decision, interest from fans can decline. However, this is not the case with Future Islands.

The band seems to be devoted to their synth-pop sound and in that spirit released a lead single yesterday.

Ran  is nothing new. Very much set in the same vein of Singles, it’s pounding rhythm in drums and bass give that distinctive style while a euphoric synth gives it the same dream like vividness found in tracks such as Fall From Grace or Spirit.

However, on this new album there are some differences to the usual Future Islands protocol. Firstly, drums on the album were recorded live, something the band has not tried on previous records. As well as this, Blondie‘s Debbie Harry makes a cameo appearance on The Far Field’s 11th track, Shadows. John Congleton takes the reins as producer of this record.


Future Islands will appear at Iveagh Gardens, Dublin this July and tickets are available now on Ticketmaster.



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